The Rutledge Lab is moving to Yale in June 2020 and accepting applications from prospective graduate students for entry in Fall 2020. We are also interested in applications from prospective postdocs with a flexible start date.

Our lab uses mathematical models to understand the factors that determine affective states like happiness and to describe how these states influence how we learn and make decisions. We explore these questions using a combination of brain scanning, pharmacology, and large-scale smartphone-based experiments in healthy and clinical populations. We are working to develop a mechanistic understanding of how major depression develops, is sustained, and can relapse.

Further details of our work can be found on our website:

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Dr Rutledge directly ( with a CV and brief description of research interests.

Applications to Yale’s Psychology PhD program are due December 1st, 2019. More information here:

PhD and postdoc positions – Rutledge lab @ Yale Psychology