Future meetings

Jan 9th 2018 – Using Bayesian time series models to reveal and quantify aberrant inference – Christoph Mathys
Jan 18th 2018 – Why not try harder? A computational approach to motivation deficits – Mathias Pessiglione

Past meetings


Dopaminergic medication increases reliance on current information in Parkinson's disease – Iris Vilares – Nov 7
Nicotine's nicotinic mechanisms for cholinergic control over dopaminergic circuit dynaimcs (and beyond) – Boris Gutkin – Oct 5
Motivation as a precision cost – Sanjay Manohar – Sep 27
Effort-based decision-making as a measure of motivation and decision-making deficits in depression and schizophrenia – Michael Treadway – Jul 19
A computational and neural model of momentary subjective well-being – Robb Rutledge – Jun 15
Network approaches to psychopathology – Denny Borsboom – Apr 19
Into the Deep: Toward Closed-Loop Neurobehavioral Phenotyping and Illness Detection in Psychotic Illness – Justin Baker – Mar 17
Psychiatric illnesses as disorders of network dynamics – Daniel Durstewitz – Feb 28
Individual subject classification/prediction from brain imaging data – Vince Calhoun – Jan 26


A decision-theoretic view on anxiety behaviour – Dominik Bach – Dec 8
How much does working memory contribute to learning impairments in schizophrenia? – Anne Collins – Nov 3
Strategic Exploration/exploitation of a Temporal Instrumental Contingency (SCEPTIC) under uncertainty and cognitive constraints – Michael Hallquist and Alexandre Dombrovski – Sep 20
Modelling avoidance in pathologically anxious humans using reinforcement-learning – Oliver Robinson – Aug 23
What neurocomputational efforts might learn from the invention and validation of CANTAB? – Trevor Robbins – Jul 12
From big data to precision medicine in psychiatry – Andre Marquand – May 25
Cognitive neuroscience at the bedside, CNTRICS, CNTRACS and beyond – Cameron Carter – Apr 19
Assessing model robustness – Quentin Huys, Martin Paulus and Michael Browning – Feb 22
Computational Psychiatry Multisite Data Initiative – Michael Browning, Quentin Huys and Martin Paulus – Jan 7


Bayesian Models of Anxiety – Jill O'Reilly and Michael Browning – Nov 30
Modelling behavioural data – Nathaniel Daw and Quentin Huys – Nov 10
Bump attractors, working memory and Schizophrenia – Peter Latham and John Murray – Oct 6
Compulsivity is a trans-diagnostic trait characterized by deficits in goal-directed control – Claire Gillan, NYU – Sep 3
Practical advantages of using computational models – Angela Yu and Katja Harle – Aug 11
Inaugural meeting – Quentin Huys, Martin Paulus and Michael Browning – Jul 14