New Conference on Effective Prosocial Behavior – Register now!

Dear colleagues,

We are excited to announce a new interdisciplinary conference on basic and
applied research that lays the scientific foundation for improving people???s
lives by investigating prosocial behavior, personal growth, and behaviors
that are harmful to others or society. We are calling this emerging
transdisciplinary research area Life Improvement Science
<>, or LIS for short. The inaugural
LIS conference will be held online from June 9-13 2021. Everyone is welcome
to participate for free. If you are interested, please register now

The conference will feature invited talks on the most promising scientific
approaches from motivation science, moral psychology, positive psychology,
cognitive science, effective altruism, digital interventions, character
education, social and personality psychology, coaching, wisdom scholarship,
economics, sociology, and other relevant areas from some of the key
researchers in these fields, such as Ken Sheldon, Fiery Cushman, Brian
Little, Marina Milyavskaya, Kristjan Kristjansson, Igor Grossmann, Jonathan
Passmore, William Fleeson, Isabel Thielmann, and Kendall Bronk. The
conference includes innovative, interactive events. For instance, you can
try out a mind-matching algorithm that helps you meet people with similar
research interests.

The conference also includes a collaborative process for determining which
questions the behavioral sciences should prioritize to lay the scientific
foundation for making the world a better place. You can vote on which
questions are most important here
<> or propose
your own ideas here
The highest-rated questions will be discussed at the conference. As a sign
of our appreciation for your contributions, we will raffle off 2 cash
prizes of $100 and 10 cash prizes of $10 each. Your chances of winning will
increase with the number of votes you cast and the number of ideas you
propose. Please be thoughtful because we will use your input to set the
priorities of life improvement science.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the conference!

The LIS Conference organizers

New LIS Conference on Effective Prosocial Behavior