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The overall goal of this workshop is to identify means to better bridge the gap between animal models of maladaptive behavior and human psychopathology. Specifically, the focus of this workshop will be on integrating theory and computation across neuroscience sub disciplines to bridge the “translational gap”. Computational approaches emerging from nascent fields like computational psychiatry allow us to: (1) assess the predictive validity and explanatory power of animal models; (2) account for individual differences in behavior using mathematical terms; and (3) exploit large datasets to identify the best predictors of psychiatric illness. Such approaches will advance rigorous mechanistic understanding of the processes that underlie brain-behavior relationships and improve our strategies for the successful treatment of psychopathology.

We look forward to seeing you in Cambridge!

Shelly Flagel and Martin Paulus
EBPS Workshop Organizers

9-31 July 2018 – Cambridge, U.K. 


Karl Friston University College London
Josh Gordon National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
Trevor Robbins University of Cambridge

Aldo Badiani University of Sussex
Michael Browning University of Oxford
Jeff Dalley University of Cambridge
Karen Ersche University of Cambridge
Jacqueline Gottlieb Columbia University
Xiaosi Gu University of Texas, Dallas
Quentin Huys University of Zurich
Patricia Janak Johns Hopkins University
Mehdi Khamassi University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris
Yael Niv Princeton University
David Redish University of Minnesota
Phillip Schwartenbeck University College London

EBPS meeting: Animal and Human Behavior: Using Computational Approaches to Build a Two-way Bridge