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This satellite meeting will take place on the day before the Society of Biological Psychiatry annual meeting, San Diego, May 17 2017.

The aim of the satellite is to function both as a platform for the exchange of cutting-edge findings and results, and as a forum to introduce people with clinical backgrounds to computational techniques. As such, the talks cover the novel and established data types, and pair a tutorial with a research talk.


Opening Remarks

Quentin Huys

Biophysical modelling in mental health

Tutorial: Daniel Durstewitz
Research talk: John Murray

Reinforcement learning – applications in mental health

Tutorial: Tiago Maia
Research talk: Anne Collins

Machine learning for mental health

Tutorial: Fernando Perez-Cruz
Research talk: Adam Chekroud

Machine learning for imaging in mental health

Tutorial: Victor Vergara
Research talk : Satrajit Ghosh

Symptom dynamics in mental health

Research talk: Justin Baker

Bayesian inference in mental health

Tutorial: Rike Petzschner
Research talk: Guillermo Horga


Computational Psychiatry Satellite Meeting @ SOBP 2017