Abstract submissions are now open for the Computational Psychiatry Conference! Deadline Feb 7th.

Individual submissions: Max 2000 characters including spaces, text only. Individual submitters can choose whether they’d like to be considered for a talk or a travel award.

Symposium submissions: The chair should submit an abstract for the symposium (max 2000 characters including spaces, text only) and indicate all speakers using the “Author” field. If the chair is also a speaker, they should create a second submission for their talk. Each speaker submits their own talk abstract (max 2000 characters including spaces, text only) and indicates that they are part of a symposium submission. A symposium has 75 min allocated in total and should have one chair and 3-4 talks (15 min each). We strongly encourage symposium organizers to consider diversity in theme/topic (clinical and basic science, experimental species, methods), and presenters (gender, race/ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic disadvantage, geographical location, or other diversity factors).

As a reminder, the Computational Psychiatry Conference will take place July 16-18, 2024 at the McNamara Alumni Center at the University of Minnesota, USA. Conference registration will open in the coming weeks. For further information, including a FaQ page see https://www.cpconf.org/faq.

Computational Psychiatry Conference 2024 in Minnesota – abstract submissions open