Videos of past meetings

Boris Gutkin - Nicotine's nicotinic mechanisms for cholinergic control over dopaminergic circuit dynaimcs (and beyond) 05/10/2017
Sanjay Manohar - Motivation as a precision cost 27/09/2017
Michael Treadway - Effort-based decision-making as a measure of motivation and decision-making deficits in depression and schizophrenia 19/07/2017
Robb Rutledge - A computational and neural model of momentary subjective well-being 15/06/2017
Denny Borsboom - Network approaches to psychopathology 19/04/2017
Justin Baker - Into the Deep: Toward Closed-Loop Neurobehavioral Phenotyping and Illness Detection in Psychotic Illness 17/03/2017
Daniel Durstewitz - Psychiatric illnesses as disorders of network dynamics 28/02/2017
Vince Calhoun - Individual subject classification/prediction from brain imaging data 26/01/2017
Dominik Bach - A decision-theoretic view on anxiety behaviour 08/12/2016
Anne Collins: How much does working memory contribute to learning impairments in schizophrenia? 03/11/2016


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