Online meetings

The meetings are currently held via GoTo Meeting or Zoom once or twice a month. You can participate either by phone or via the web. To join via the web, you will have to follow a link which will guide you to install GoTo Meeting or Zoom. You will then automatically be connected to the meeting. Phone-in numbers will be provided for those wishing to join via the phone. Note however, that the presentation involves slides that you won’t see on the phone.

Note: the link and phone-in numbers are specific to each meeting and published on the particular meeting page.

Mailing list & Site registration

  • Sign up to the mailing list if you wish to receive the email alerts prior to meetings.
  • Register if you’d like to post comments, join the discussion forum (comment/ask question during the meetings) or contribute posts. Note that you still have to sign up to the email list if you want to get the emails.


We only collect data that you submit to the site yourself. This includes

  • mailing list: your name and email. This data is used to send the mailing list.
  • registration: additionally a user name, and, if you choose to provide them, a link to your website, a brief description of interests, the disorders you are mainly interested in, the topics you’d like to see covered and your department / affiliation. This data is displayed on the members section.

At no point will data be shared with others, sold, or used for any other purposes. You can remove this data at any point, or ask one of us to remove it (see details below).

General meeting outline

  • setup, greeting – 5 minutes
  • presentation –  40 minutes
  • 15min moderated question and answer session

Rules of play

The meetings routinel involve 50 or more people on a large telephone / web conference call. To make this work, we have to observe a few ground rules:

  • Please mute your microphone unless  you are talking
  • Post questions and comments to the forum for the meeting (you will need to have registered to do so). Feel free to discuss issues on the forum at any time (before, during and after the meeting). During the meeting, the moderator will call on you in the order in which the questions are submitted and will also allocate time for people who call in via telephone to comment or ask questions.