The Rutledge Lab at Yale is accepting applications from prospective postdocs with a flexible start date.

Our lab uses computational models to study reinforcement learning, decision making, and affective states like happiness. We explore these questions using a combination of brain scanning, pharmacology, and large-scale smartphone-based experiments in healthy and clinical populations. Our previous app The Great Brain Experiment had over 100,000 users.

We are looking for postdocs for a NIMH-funded project using longitudinal smartphone-based data collection with tasks and surveys in people with depression and control participants (N>600) including a subset (N>200) with fMRI data.

Collaborators for rsfMRI: Avram Holmes (Yale), Faith Gunning and Conor Liston (Cornell Weill)
Machine learning: Zeb Kurth-Nelson (DeepMind)
Clinical and longitudinal: Akshay Nair (UCL), John Krystal, Leying Guan and Ralitza Gueorguieva (Yale)

Further details can be found on our website ( Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Dr Rutledge directly ( with a CV, a brief description of research interests, and a list of three references (names and email addresses).

Yale Rutledge lab – 2 postdoc positions