The Computational Psychiatry Unit ( at The University of Texas at Dallas and The Southwestern Medical Center invites applications for a research coordinator position. This is an exciting opportunity to work in the emerging interdisciplinary field of computational psychiatry, which seeks to redefine mental disorders in terms of aberrant computations at multiple scales, and to improve mental health by applying modern neuroscientific techniques and discoveries.

Current research in the lab specifically focuses on the neural and computational mechanisms of emotion and decision-making in drug addiction and major depression.
Access to state of the art facilities including: two research-dedicated human 3T MRI systems, one human 7T MRI system, multiple research-dedicated 1.5T MRI systems, two PET systems (with coregistering MRI), a SPECT camera, a high field system for animal studies, four EEG systems equipped for both 64 and 128 channel recordings, TMS, rTMS, tDCS, and HD tDCS equipment.

Job requirements: The successful candidate will participate in the following aspects of research in the lab, including:
1)    Preparing consent forms and paperwork related to research ethics, assembling and administering neuropsychological assessments;
2)    Screening and recruiting participants, scheduling participants for testing, obtaining informed consent;
3)    Tracking progress of the study and data collection, verifying data and entering pertinent information into database for statistical analysis
4)    Acquisition of behavioral and neural data, conducting statistical analyses, and assisting with manuscript preparation.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in any area of psychology, neuroscience, clinical science, biomedical sciences, or related fields is required. Master’s degree in any of these fields and/or clinical experience is preferred.

Experience with any of the following would be an added advantage: neuropsychological assessment, psychopharmacology, psychophysiology, brain imaging, MATLAB, R, python, C++, and signal processing.

The candidate must have strong organizational and interpersonal skills; the ability to work well with clinical populations; a willingness to tackle complex tasks in an independent manner; and a strong work ethic.

How to Apply:
Please apply through the UT Dallas job center (
If preferred, please email a CV, a one-page statement of research interests and career goals in a single PDF document titled with RA_YourName.pdf to Dr. Xiaosi Gu at

Research Coordinator in Computational Psychiatry @ U Texas at Dallas