The Gillan Lab is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow for a 2-year position on a project aimed at developing a smartphone-based infrastructure for cognitive research in ageing and Alzheimer’s Disease. One of the key goals of this project is to develop scalable ways to detect Alzheimer’s risk around the world, allowing researchers to test preventative interventions in these cohorts. Working directly with a software-developer, the fellow will be responsible for the scientific integrity of gamified versions of state-of-the-art cognitive (and computationally formal) tests, their initial validation and application to the study of brain health.
The postdoctoral fellow will integrate these data with family history, clinical self-report measurement, and passively collected patterns of smartphone use (from which we can estimate sleep, exercise and other lifestyle factors) from vast numbers of individuals around the world. In smaller samples, these measures will be validated against genetic and neurobiological markers of Alzheimer’s Disease (including MRI and CSF).


  • Applicants should have a PhD in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, computer science or a related discipline.
  • Candidates with expertise in more than one of these areas are particularly desirable, as are those with a track-record in ageing and dementia.
  • Skills, Competencies, & Experience
  • The candidate must have strong analytic skills, be proficient in programming (Matlab, Python or R). (Essential)
  • Experience with large datasets, logistically complex projects, computational modelling and web-based experimentation (e.g. Javascript) are a strong plus. (Desirable)
  • The ideal candidate will be reliable, highly motivated and productive, and enjoy working collaboratively.
Postdoctoral Fellow @ GillanLab

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