A hallmark of human intelligence is the ability to plan multiple steps into the future. Similarly, mental disorders have been theorized to be related to dysfunction in model-based reinforcement learning or sequential planning. Studying those relations requires an experimental paradigm that enables inferring an individual’s ability and depth of planning. I will introduce a novel paradigm based on a two-player board game: 4-in-a-row. Alongside this game, I will present a computational cognitive model that can predict human choices, response times and eye movements. To showcase the strength of the game and the model to understand planning in healthy adults, I will present evidence for increased planning depth with expertise in both laboratory and large-scale mobile data. Finally, I will discuss how this game may enable insight into mental disorders and aid computational psychiatry.

Research Scientist, Imbue AI

Sebastiaan Van Opheusden – Measuring planning depth by playing 4-in-a-row