Theoretical Neuroscience part II 2005

Theoretical Neuroscience part I 2004
This is the second part of the Gatsby Theoretical Neuroscience Course (following on from part I). The focus of the second part is more biological than theoretical. There will be two weekly sessions: one two-hour lecture by a researcher from the field and a two-hour journal club-like session in which a few classical papers, presented by two students, will be discussed jointly with the lecturer from the first session. The course is open to anybody from the University of London. If you'd like to attend, please contact
You might also be interested in the Gatsby neuro journal club.
Time and place Gatsby Unit room 409, 4th floor, 17 Queen Square
Lectures Tuesdays 11am to 1pm
Reading sessions Fridays 11am to 1pm

Outline and reading material
DateTopicLecturersReading session
15.6 / 17.6. 12.10 - 13.10 (!!!)Excitatory neurotransmissionStuart Cull-CandyLili and Dmitry
 reading session
  • Cull-Candy and Brickley (2001): NMDA receptors [pdf]
  • Cull-Candy, Brickley and Farrant (2001): NMDA receptor subunits: diversity, development and disease [pdf]
24.5. / 27.5. CerebellumChris YeoMisha and Reza
 reading session
  • Attwell, Cooke and Yeo (2002): Cerebellar function in consolidation of a motor memory. [pdf]
  • Hesslow, Svensson and Ivarsson (1999): Learned movements elicited by direct stimulation of cerebellar mossy fiber afferents. [pdf]
  • Medina, Nores and Mauk (2002): Inhibition of climbing fibres is a signal for the extinction of conditioned eyelid responses. [pdf]
26.4. / 29.4. Neuroelectronics Mickey LondonRichard and Misha
 reading session
  • Stuart et al. (1994): Active propagation of somatic action potentials into neocortical pyramidal cell dendrites [pdf]   Rich's slides [pdf]
  • Larkum et al. (1999): A new cellular mechanism for coupling inputs arriving at different cortical layers [pdf]   Rich's slides [pdf]
  • Poirazi et al. (2003): Pyramidal neurone as two-layer neural network [pdf]
  • Polsky et al. (2004): Computational subunits in thin dendrites of pyramidal cells [pdf] and news & views [pdf]
19.4. / 22.4. Hippocampus Mate LengyelReza and Richard
 lecture materials lecture slides [pdf]
 reading session
  • Mehta et al. (2000): Experience-dependent asymmetric shape of hippocampal place fields. [pdf]
  • Mehta et al. (1997): Experience-dependent, asymmetric expansion of hippocampal place fields. [pdf]
  • Freund and Buzsaki (1996): Interneurons of the hippocampus. [HUGE pdf (>100Mb)]   Rich's slides [pdf]
  • Santhakumar and Soltesz (2004): Plasticity of interneuronal species and parameter variance in neurological diseases [pdf]
  • Whittington and Traub (2003): Interneuron diversity series: Inhibitory interneurones and network oscillations in vivo. [pdf]
12.4. / 15.4. Neuromodulation Peter DayanQuentin and Dmitry
 lecture materials lecture slides [ppt] [pdf]
 reading session
  • Sarter et al. (2004): Unravelling the attentional functions of cortical colinergic inputs: interactions between signal-driven and cognitive modulation of signal detection. [pdf]
  • Bouret and Sara (2004): Reward expectation, orientation of attention and locus coeruleus-medial frontal cortex interplay during learning [pdf]
  • Marder and Thirumulai (2002): Cellular, synaptic and network effects of neuromodulation [pdf]
5.4. / 8.4. Olfaction Zhaoping LiKika and Ian
 lecture materials lecture slides [pdf]
 reading session
  • Richard Axel (2004): [Nobel lecture].
  • Kauer and White (2001): Imaging and coding in the olfactory system [pdf]
30.3.(!!) / 1.4. Somatosensation Rasmus PetersenYael and Quentin
 lecture materials lecture slides [pdf part I] [pdf part II]
 reading session
  • Hernandez et al. (2000): Neuronal correlates of sensory discrimination in the somatosensory cortex [pdf]  Quentin's slides [pdf]
  • Romo et al. (2000): Sensing without Touching: Psychophysical Performance Based on Cortical Microstimulation [pdf]
  • Romo et al. (1998): Somatosensory discrimination based on cortical microstimulation. [pdf]  Yael's slides [pdf]
8.3. / 11.3. Motor cortex Roger Lemon Ian, Lili and Quentin
 lecture materials lecture slides on corticospinal tract [pdf]
 reading session
  • Todorov (1999): Direct control of muscle activation in voluntary arm movements: a model [pdf]   Ian's slides [pdf]
  • Riehle et al. (1997): Spike synchronization and rate modulation differentially involved in motor cortical function [pdf]   Lili's slides [pdf]
  • Jackson et al. (2003): Synchrony between neurones with similar muscle fields in monkey motor cortex [full text / pdf]
  • Kargo and Nitz (2003): Early skill learning is expressed through selection and tuning of cortically represented muscle synergies. [pdf]   Quentin's slides [pdf]
1.3 / 4.3. Striatum Nathaniel DawReza and Kika
 lecture materials lecture slides on striatum [pdf]
 reading session
  • Modeson et al. (1980): From motivation to action: functional interface between the limbic system and the motor system. Progr. Neurobiol. 14: 69-97 [pdf]
  • Wilson (1993): The generation of natural firing patterns in neostriatal neurons. Progr. Brain Res. 99: 277 [pdf]
  • Ikemoto and Panksepp (1999): The role of nucleus accumbens dopamine in motivated behavior: a unifying interpretation with special reference to reward-seeking. Brain Res. Rev. 31:6-41 [pdf]
15.2. / 18.2. Audition Maneesh Sahani and Jennifer Linden Richard and Misha
 reading session
  • Chapter 1 from Bregman (1990): Auditory scene analysis
    Misha's slides [pdf] [ppt]
  • McAlpine and Grothe (2003): Sound localization and delay lines: do mammals fit the model? [pdf]
    Richard's slides [pdf]
  • Schreiner and Langner (1997): Laminar fine structure of frequency organization in auditory midbrain [pdf]
    Misha's slides [pdf] [ppt]
  • Lewicki (2002): Efficient coding of natural sounds [pdf]
    Richard's slides [pdf]
8.2. / 11.2. Vision Zhaoping LiIan and Dmitry
 lecture materials Vision tutorial, Infomax lecture [pdf], Saliency map [ppt]
 reading session
  • Mishkin et al. (1982): Object vision and spatial vision: Two cortical pathways [pdf]
    Ian's slides [pdf]
  • Wertheimer (1923). Untersuchungen zur Lehre von der Gestalt, II [Laws of organization in perceptual forms]. Psycholoche Forschung, 4, 301-350. (in Yantis (ed.) 2000: Visual Perception: Essential readings)
    Dmitry's slides [pdf]

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